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Iyengar Yoga for Spondylolisthesis with Peggy Kelley on June 22


This workshop is on June 22nd from 8-11 AM PT. Upon payment, you will receive a zoom link for the live workshop and a code to access the replay of the recording for two weeks after the workshop. Replays are hosted here on our Union recordings archive.

Spondylolithesis is a condition where one spinal vertebra is displaced. It is most common in the lower lumbar, where the vertebra slips forward. While it can be painful, yoga can help. In this workshop, students will learn simple ways to modify basic asanas for daily practice to keep the spine and nervous system safe, and potentially strengthened.

The workshop will address how to “deepen” our range in all categories of asanas. By slowing down in asanas, we can develop heightened sensitivity to internal feedback. We learn to be reflective, not aggressive for the sake of “performance”, so that asana becomes a means towards self-understanding. In this workshop, students will learn how the yogic definitions of alignment and excellence are at the heart of healing.

Students will learn how to customize classical forms of asana for their unique needs. Soft and firm props will be used to create awareness and provide support.

Some of the skills to be addressed:

  • How to mindfully enter and exit an asana
  • Develop sensitivity and intuition while remaining in the asana
  • Make space in the lower back with props and breath
  • Appropriately engage mutually beneficial “double-actions” that bring proportionate balance in the asanas

Prerequisite: 6-12 months of Iyengar Yoga practice.

Props: 1 mat, 4-5 blankets, 2 yoga belts, 2 blocks, 1 chair or wall access.